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1 Tb/sec internet download speed?!

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Internet speed to be improved

The speed of various ISP’s has improved many times over since the birth of the internet. I’m sure many of us can remember the days when dial-up was the best you could get. The E-World was dependent on companies such as Netscape and AOL. Shortly after, DSL companies would follow offering speeds far greater than dial-up. At this day and age companies that use copper lines are reporting speeds of just around 100 Gb/sec. But what if the average consumer could get speeds of 1 Tb/sec?

Recently the speed at which future internet connections will perform has been discussed at The Higher-Speed Ethernet Consensus Group, the team that is responsible for defining the standard in internet speeds. The next ‘new’ connection speed has been debated between various representatives and currently sits between a blazing 400 Gb/sec all the way up to a jaw-dropping 1 Tb/sec!

Although everyone wants higher speeds there is the big question of how efficient the ‘new’ connection will be. The method involved will most likely be to group a large number of slower connections and allocating all of their bandwidth to one single connection. The interconnections of the cables would most certainly not be too pretty, nor would it be very cost effective. Copper lines would most likely be replaced with fiber optic lines.

At this point in time there is not a definitive date on which this ‘new’ connection will be established. However, John D'Ambrosia, the chairman of the Higher-Speed Ethernet Consensus Group, told CNET that he suspects "this is going to be a very fast-moving project."

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