Sunday26 March 2023

100 million registered WoW accounts

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Blizzard recently praised their achievements with the new, fairly extensive Infographic through which they discovered a number of details about the World of Warcraft. Famous MMORPG has so far recorded more than 100 million registered accounts.


Also it is played in 244 different countries and territories around the world among which are quite exotic locations such as Tokelau, or Antarctica. World of Warcraft players have so far created about 500 million different characters, and 52% of the total number of players decided for the Alliance side, while 47% chose the Horde side, 1% opted to remain neutral.

Among other details, Blizzard points out that in order to store all the music and sound effects in WoW was required 44 audio CDs, the complete text in the game itself counts as many as six million words, and that daily 2.8 million transaction is carried via the WoW Auction House.

[Ed - as WOW continues to drop off we might see more attempts by Blizzard to get people interested in it. I doubt this will work out for them, but it is a cheap way to regenerate interest..]

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