Thursday08 December 2022

102 billion mobile apps will be downloaded this year

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Gartner market research firm released their prediction stating that by the end of the 2013 there will be over 102 billion downloads of mobile applications. This is an increase compared to last year when 64 billion downloads were recorded.

Surprisingly, the predictions for the 2013 shows that the biggest share of a huge 91% will be taken by the free applications. These free applications will still make some profits in the form of purchases within applications for the Apple, Android, and developers. Gartner estimates that this type of earnings will bring 17% of profits from applications with a tendency to rise to 48% by 2017.

A large number of free applications were crammed with aggressive advertising and offers to purchase something. But such a method of earnings is not particularly successful and will eventually disappear in favor of the purchase within the application, which has appeared in premium applications. As far as the share of free applications in operating systems iOS has about 60% of free applications, while on Android, the percentage is higher, around 80%.

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