Thursday01 December 2022

20 million Samsung Galaxy S4 units delivered

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Samsung has delivered over 20 million units of their most advanced smartphone, Galaxy S4, the company confirmed for the Korean newspapers. The result is better than S3 managed to achieve, but the official confirmation of the information is still awaited.

In fact, to the first 20 million Galaxy S4 arrived in 68 days, while the S3 for the same number of deliveries neded additional month. Given that before a month and a half ago was announced that they have delivered first ten million copies, it seems that demand for the device is not falling at all.

However, sales of the Galaxy S4 has not met the expectations of analysts. In comparison, the iPhone 5 in a period of 68 days shipped 23,62 million units, while the iPhone 4S in the same period came to 21.47 million units. However, assuming that the information is accurate, Samsung Galaxy S4 is the fastest-selling Android device ever.

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