Friday03 February 2023

2k Games Confirms Bioshock Infinite Coming to Linux

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Ever since the announcement of Windows 8 there has been a renewed push for gaming on Linux. We saw one game developer even go so far as to make their own semi-customized flavor of Linux in the form of the SeamOS. Although interest in Linux gaming has tailored off due to delays in the “Steam Box” and other problems (lack of games) we are hearing that at least one very popular AAA title will be coming to Linux.

The game we are talking about is Bioshock Infinite. 2k Games has confirmed the rumors that have been floating around for a couple of weeks now. Bioshock Infinite is powered by the Unreal Engine 3 which is featured in a few other games that are in the process of being ported to Linux and more than a few games that have been ported to the BSD based OSX.

There are still some lingering issues with moving to the Penguin’s home though. Many people have reported graphical issues including poor frame rates and other glitches in rendering that would make a game less enjoyable. The sad part is that these issues are out of the hands of the game devs and fall into AMD and nVidia’s lap. Until they put more time into make their Linux drivers stable gaming on Linux will still remain a novelty/niche item.

Let’s hope things change, it would be interesting to see another player in the OS market and what strong Linux support would do to both Microsoft and Apple…

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