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3D printers in the fashion world

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ditaUntil now, 3D printers were mainly present in engineering and geek domain, but now they have apparently become a part of the mainstream when it comes to a private fashion show at Ace Hotel in Manhattan where Dita Von Teese was wearing dress printed entirely in 3D printer. It is not exactly a dress someone would wear every day as it is made from a pure nylon material, but it is a concept that demonstrates that the 3D printing technology can create garments too.

dita2According to the designers of the mentioned dress, Michael Schmidt and Francis Bitonto, for making this piece they first took Dita's measures by which the earlier design of the garment was tailored. This was imported into Maya, and after that in Rhino which allows precise manipulation of the object surface in which 2633 independent rings that make up the body dress were defined. Everything was eventually printed in 17 parts on a 3D printer EOS P350.

Once the dress was printed, they polished it and put 12,000 black Swarovski crystals on it. Is it comfortable it's not quite certain, but we can surely say that Dita Von Teese looks great in it.

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