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9 million new iPhones sold during the first weekend

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In America they just summarized sales figures of new iPhone 5S and iPhone 5C after the end of the first weekend, during which they are available in stores. We should keep in mind that device were available only in a few countries in the world and, of course, Apple is happy to praise the results.

Over the weekend, in fact, they sold as many as 9 million new iPhones. This is more than the last year's record, when in the first weekend they sold 5 million iPhone 5. However, this is not the end of broken records. iOS 7 is already "spinning" on over 200 million devices with Apple's mobile operating system, making it the fastests implemented upgrade in history.

All this has resulted in a shortage of devices, especially of the iPhone 5S, in stores and through online orders, but Apple have made a promise to take re-stock at exceptional speed.

[Ed - Apple is not saying they sold 9 Million iPhone 5S' but 9 million new iPhones. This is unusual for them as they typically breake their sales down a little more than this to emphasie how well their new product is doing. Apple also has more than one model on the market at a time this year with the iPhone 5S and 5C. We would be very interested in seeing  what the break down is on which unit sold what in this 9 million total..]

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