Sunday05 February 2023

99 cents Annual Rate for WhatsApp on iPhone too

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With the upgrade to version v2 10.1 for iPhone, WhatsApp has implemented several major changes to their popular application. The most important change for users is certainly the one regarding the billing model. As posted on the official blog, instead of 99 cents users had to pay when downloading apps, iPhone users will have to pay 99 cents per year to be able to use the app.

That puts them in the same position with the owners of Android, where this kind of subscription was active for a while. It is important to note that the app will be free for the first year, and all current customers who have purchased the app, it will be available forever without additional annuall fees. Among other news, WhatsApp now supports creating backup copies of all messages via iCloud.

WhatsApp Messenger currently has over 250 million users across all platforms, which is for example more than Twitter has.

[Ed - In reality it is not surprising that WhatsApp is looking for a revenue stream now. We would not be surprised if this 99 cents became monthly very soon. Maintaining this type of infrastrcuture is not cheap and they are going to want to get more from it than they are now...]

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