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Many of you will know me from my work on the sites Bright Side of News and TweakTown (some of you may also remember me from PlanetAMD64 and Planetx64). I user to write and review for Bright Side of News and still do for TweakTown. However, I began to notice gaps in the format and audience of both sites. This is not to say they are doing anything wrong or out of the ordinary. No it was more about the focus of the site. At TweakTown it is all about the enthusiast; they want it faster and overclocked. There is nothing wrong with that format or audience, nor is there anything wrong with BSN’s format. At BSN* they concentrate on the industry insider and higher level content; again a great space to work in.

Still, even with both of those open to me I did not have the arena I was looking for. To me there is very little linked-analysis. The performance numbers are presented and in the rush to get content out there is not much time to get a feel for the products as a whole.  What DecryptedTech is for is to fill in those gaps. It will give me (and you) time to get more detailed information about the other side of the review process. These are things like the build, the installation, the accessory bundle and support of the product.  Of course, I will also have some performance numbers and information as well  I could never leave that out).

In short, with DecryptedTech I hope to take some of the mystery out of the numbers you get presented every day and also to add some of my own thoughts on the industry, the products they present to you and the PR Machines that drive them.

I hope you enjoy reading these articles as much I enjoy writing them

Sean Kalinich
Owner/ Editor-in-Chief

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