Thursday11 August 2022

Acer gives up on Thunderbolt

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Acer gives up the Thunderbolt interface in favor of widespread USB 3.0. According to the official announcement, Acer in the recent line of computers no longer intends to implement Thunderbolt, but also wants to focus their attention to fast USB 3.0 interface.

Last year, Acer was one of the first companies that started to offer Thunderbolt interface on laptops running Windows. But USB 3.0 is cheaper than Thunderbolt and has a comparable data transfer speeds and offers far greater support for a wide range of devices, support for older releases of standards and ability to recharge batteries of connected devices such as smartphones, says Acer spokeswoman Ruth Rosen.

Although Thunderbolt is installed in their notebooks by several other companies, the biggest proponent of this interface is still Apple, which in the upcoming version of Mac Pro workstations plans to incorporate an even faster second-generation Thunderbolt 2 with data transfer speeds up to 20 Gb/s.

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