Wednesday07 December 2022

Aliens: Colonial Marines is here

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As announced, SEGA has today confirmed that Aliens: Colonial Marines has been released in all world markets. Gearbox team that is responsible for serials for Borderlands and Brothers In Arms worked on this project which allows us to experience life and the fear of members of the U.S. Colonial Marines against the vicious aliens.

The authors say that the players will experience the most authentic struggle against Xenomorphs available So far this level of realism has only been seen so far only in the famous film franchise. According to which the game is done. There will be same weapons that were used by soldiers in films including flame throwers, machine guns and, of course, a device for monitoring the movement that beeps pretty creepy.

Another great feature is the possibility to play the entire campaign in co-op mode, in which you can be joined by three additional players. Aliens: Colonial Marines is being sold at a price of $49.99, and if you are too lazy to go to a nearby store, you can buy it through Steam.

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