Tuesday04 October 2022

AMD might not have a new Desktop Platform until 2016

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There is a rumor that is claiming AMD will not have a new desktop processor until 2016 that has been making the rounds today. The claim is that AMD is shifting their current focus to mobile CPUs and APUs. Originally it was thought that Carrizo would be the next chip offering that that it would keep up with Intel by offering support for DDR4.

Now Italian tech site is saying neither of these is true. The unconfirmed report says that Carrizo will not have support for DDR4 and will be a mobile only product. This rumor is hitting the net after AMD admitted that they will not have any 20nm products until 2015. It is also in line with the continued push by AMD to strengthen their mobile line up to compete with Intel in terms of performance per watt. With AMD’s mobile APU line up they have an edge over Intel in terms of graphics capability, but are very behind when it comes to raw computing power.

Another item that could be getting in the way is AMD’s research into the use of stacked DRAM for their APUs. AMD could be holding off on a new desktop push in the hopes that they can bring the performance benefits of stacked DRAM to their next desktop offering. If this is the case then 2016 is not that far off from the predictions we have heard for stacked DRAM APUs.

Of course all of this is speculation as the rumor has no real supporting evidence at the time of this writing.

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