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AMD Steamroller delayed

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The recently introduced AMD FX processors codenamed Vishera could remain on the market throughout the next year. Unofficial sources have said in part of the presentation that showed AMD's processor roadmap for the coming year, apparently FX chips for desktop computers will stagnate on Vishera solutions with the Piledriver core.

The latter means that AMD has postponed the presentation of the Kaveri chips with Steamroller x86 cores until after 2013. Vishera will remain the company's top of the range desktop processor throughout the next year. AMD still intends to modernize their APU segment - the successor to Trinity for FM2 socket with existing Piledriver cores and graphics GCN 2.0, codenamed Richland should appear on the market in 2013 and the same goes for economic APU chip line.
AMD Steamroller CPU Design-640x354
Brazos in this case replaces the processor codenamed Kabini for FT3 slot (or KB) with a new energy-efficient Jaguar x86 core and the chipset integrated into the processor. According to previous announcements, Steamroller brings several important modifications compared to Bulldozer and Piledriver like two instruction decoders per module (a module is made of two ALU and one FPU unit), bigger instruction cache, better branching prediction and more efficient scheduling.
AMD reports have suggested 30 percent more operations per clock cycle for Steamroller, but the actual figures and performance we have to wait for the official presentation, which will be, according to new roadmap, at the begining of 2014 if not later.

[Ed – we also hope that AMD addresses the memory controller in their new CPUs this has been a big issue in past designs. AMD’s memory controller continues to underperform compared to Intel due to minor flaws in the way it handles read and write operations as well as inefficient cache. As memory speeds increase latency will also increase; this will continue to play hell with AMD’s memory controller designs unless they make some changes soon…]

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