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Anon did it!, Well at least that is what you will be told

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eye-maskYesterday we were sent a link to some interesting news about a nation-wide crackdown on suspected Anon members. This even included a “hacker” that is fairly close to where I live. The total number of people that were collared was around 15. The FBI and other agencies were very pleased with the day’s activities and went on to say that this was a “major arrest”. However was it really? Do the news or Law Enforcement agencies involved have any clue as to what is really going on? One little indicator that they do not comes up with their timeline; according to most media sources Anon starts as a result of the WikiLeaks incident. However most of the groups involved with Anon pre-date that by many years (in fact Anon does as well).

The other item that comes to mind is that they think catching one (or 15) will lead to them all. The problem there is that the ones that are caught are often not real members anyway. They are a fringe element, disposable… cannon fodder. The media would know this if they actually did their job and research this story for longer than it takes to look something up on Wikipedia.

The simple fact is that Anon is not an organization. They are not a “group” in any real sense of the word. Most (if not all) of the members do not know each other. They simply end up in the same chat rooms and discuss the same things. If someone throws out an idea someone in the group is bound to pick it up and run with it (or as was told to me “fire up the old Bot-Net”). There is no “hey, I’ll do that” it just gets done or it does not. Because of this even members do not know who did what unless someone brags about it later (which is foolish anyway). These are the ones that would end up getting caught anyway as talking about it will eventually get back to someone. For the person that lives near me, well he walked into a honey pot trap on the FBI website. The other 14 that were arrested on the same day, may or may not have been affiliated with Anon. We honestly will never know, as not the media is working very hard to link every semi-illegal activity to Anon. This means that everything from piracy to malware will be spawned from the great evil Anon.

So sit back and watch as the media blames everything from terrorism to gum disease on something they do not and never will understand. Meanwhile the authorities sit back and reap the benefits of their fear mongering.

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