Saturday03 December 2022

Anonymous social networking app Secret comes to Android, is this a bad thing?

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The anonymous social networking app Secret has been finally released for Android users. Now, if you have not heard about this then let me give you a short overview. Imagine Facebook where the images, posts and links were not related to a person, but were simply there. You would not know who they came from, but you could comment and like them all without anyone (even the original poster) knowing that you did so.

Sounds like fun right? Well there are some that think this type of app is bound to be abused. When you consider the amount of bullying, trolling and downright nastiness on tracked social networks like Facebook and Twitter, just imagine what can happen when no one knows that you posted that image, or mad that comment. It is already suspected that just the virtual anonymity of the internet creates a psychological barrier in some and allows them to say things they might not normally say or do.

How many times has the thought crossed your mind “who cares what I say, they do not know me” when posting on Facebook? As the normal conventions of “polite” conversation and communication are eroded by anonymity apps like this one have great potential to make things worse and adding in a few million more users is not likely to change things.

So if you are into this type of thing go ahead and grab it on iTunes or Google Play. If you think that no good can come from this… well let us know on Facebook or our Forum. Be careful though, we know who you are there ;-)

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