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Apple in Control

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driving-mac-salesWe have called Apple's mighty PR machine the Greatest Show on Earth before. We have even gone into detail about how they manage a launch like a major motion picture production and even very briefly talked about how they are able to market last years tech and features to a generation that is increaingly tech savvy. What we have not done is go into detail on how these items combine to make up Apple's giant presence in the market.

Thankfully we do not need to do that (as it would take a VERY long time) Instead a French firm by the name of FaberNo0vel has delved into the miryad of tactics and marketing ploys that ca, whe combined skilfully create a monster of a company.

The presentation goes over (in great detail) how Apple uses 8 simple items to market and push their products on the consumers. All of the itmes are old hat, but again when you cn do things like sell simple products and claim they are advanced, charge more for them, sell the same product to different markets (iPod, iPhone, iPad all are different variations of the same product), and dare to think outside normal bounds you can really pull one over on the masses.

Apple, or rather Steve Jobs, has a goal. He wants control of the ecosystem. You can see this is you look carefully. The iTunes requirement, Flash restriction and even the censorship. It is all about control. Now some may argue that by doing this Apple is carefully maintaining the end user experience. Yet most of these same people call Microsoft propreitary for doing the same thing on a much more limited scale. 

Our PCs and Macs are the connnection devices that are central to ownership. Ok, so they have allowed sales of Apps and other items on the idevices even over 3G (with the 20MB file size exception), but they are still teathered for activation and other services. However, there is a weak link in the current setup. These devices can be unlocked and freed from many of their restrictions. The fast growning and ever inventive Jailbreaking community have been able to consistently break open the iDevices and allow the end user the freedom to use thier products the way they want.

applecloudThis means that Apple has to change things again. The next step is the cloud; pushing things to the cloud will give Apple even greater control over what you are doing. Just like Google's Chrome OS, the next generation of products will have everything (apps data, multimedia content even your personal files) stored on Apple controlled systems. At that point Apple will have anb even greater ability to control the ecosystem. It is a brilliant strategy to be honest.

So our hope is that after taking a look at this information you will at least think about your next Apple purchase. I would never be so arrogant to say you should not buy from them, after all they do have some good products. I just do not like their missleading tactics when it comes to pushing them onto the market.


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