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Apple Ordered To Change Thier UK Website To Show That Samsung Did Not Copy The iPad

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For some time we have said that companies that file bad lawsuits or that continue to make obviously incorrect claims in the market should have consequences. Apple is probably one of the worst with their continuous stream of allegations against Google, Samsung,  HTC, LG, and pretty much everyone else that they “slavishly copy” Apple and do not invent their own technology. This has been repeated so often that it is boring and even cursory glance at the any two products (go ahead and pick two) will show significant differences. There is almost no chance of the wide spread consumer confusion that Apple is trying to claim on a daily basis.

Right now it looks like they might have to pay for that in the UK at least. After identifying 50 unique features that differentiate the iPad from the Galaxy Tab Judge

Colin Birss has also decided that Apple must make sure that the market is aware that the courts do not feel there was any copying and that Samsung does not violate their claimed design  patent.

To do this Apple must post this on their UK website and also take out advertisements in “several” newspapers and magazines. This is to correct the damage to Samsung that Apple has caused by claiming Samsung copied the iPad. Apple’s lawyers are understandably upset as it means they will have to tell their client that they now have to spend money to advertise for Samsung for the next six months (the length that the ads and post on Apple’s website have to be put up.

In our opinion this is brilliant and should happen to ANY company that makes the accusations that Apple has repeatedly (Claiming the products are slavish copies when they are not even the same dimensions was a little much). The judge did stop short of baring Apple from making the statement that they feel Samsung copies them (Apple) but they do have to show that their claim has no legal basis.

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