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Apple's iPhone 5S has flaky sensors

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A large number of Phone 5S users have reported a problem with the gyroscope, accelerometer and compass. It seems that the problem occurs because of bad calibration of movement sensors. [Ed – which is not the only complaint that has surfaces about the new phone and iOS combination]

The guys from Gizmodo decided to check if these problems are real and compared two copies of the iPhone 5S with earlier models. Test results on both copies of the device confirmed the problems, and as the authors say, the new iPhone has "shamefully bad" results in the test. Problems with motion manifest in games where you need to tilt your device to control your character, but also with compass which often points in the wrong direction, and accelerometer which detects excess movement. Full Gizmodo test can be viewed here.

So far it is not clear whether the problem can be corrected by a software patch or will Apple offer a replacement to all customers. So far, there has been no response from the Cupertino.

[Ed - as we mentioned this is just the latest in a series of issues that have surfaced overed Apple's new iDevice and iOS 7. Apple was hoping that their new phones would bring the consumers back in drove and it seemed like it might actually happen. Sadly within days an old flaw in iOS showed everyone how to gain access to the phone through the lock screen. This incident was followed by the breaking of the fingerpring scaner and reports that the overlay for iOS was making people motion sick... Not really the launch that Apple was expecting..]

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