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Apple's iPad Mini uses... Samsung parts?

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Often times consumers are duped into the allure of Apple on the grounds that they are supposedly getting superior product. There is an assumption that because it is an “Apple” product, rather than Android or any other competitor, it is made out of superior parts. What if customers found out that the differences between these products are really only skin deep?

That is exactly the situation with Apple's iPad Mini. Rather than use a “retina” display common to other Apple devices like the iPhone, the Mini uses a Samsung display. Samsung is currently one of Apple's largest competitors, and is also engaged in a multinational lawsuit with Apple, in which Apple claims that Samsung ripped off its designs. It might strike some readers as Ironic then, that Apple relies on Samsung to support its products, at least for the time being.

If Apple is using “Android” technology in their devices, one would expect them to improve upon it. Unfortunately for Apple and their customers, this isn't the case with the display on the Mini. To compare Apples to Apples for a moment, let’s look at the pixel density on other Apple devices. A “retina” display on an iPhone or iPod touch is 326 pixels per inch, or ppi. The iPad is at 264 ppi and the MacBook Pro (15 inch) is at 220 ppi. The iPad Mini weighs in a mere 163 ppi. That means that a device twice its size has a higher ppi, and a device just a bit smaller than it has over twice it's density. Why couldn't Apple get this one right?

Lets take a moment to compare the iPad Mini's pixel density to Android devices around the same size. Amazon's Kindle Fire, which is priced at $199.00, has a 254 ppi measurement, meaning everything on the display will look more detailed, and less blocky. Google's Nexus 7 has the same ppi as the Kindle Fire, and is priced the same.

The moral of the story? Think before you buy.

[Ed - although the article here mentions that the Pad mini usues a display made by Samsung it is important to remember that Samsung also makes (or rather made) the retina display for Apple before their falling out It is an interesting footnote that while many people view Apple products as "Apple" in their entirety Apple manufactures none of the devices. Everything in their products comes from someone else. In short you are getting the same quality product simply because you end up with parts made by the same companies. As this simple fact becomes more visible to the consumer Apple's image of superiority is crumbling...]

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