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Are Recent Teaser Tweets from 2k Games Pointing to a New Bioshock?

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Why do the really great game development companies seem to disappear? If you have been around for a while you might remember a game development company by the name of Looking Glass Studios. This company is responsible for titles like Thief: the Dark Project, Thief II: The Metal Age and System Shock 1 and 2. These games were amazing for their time (and still are today) with concepts that brought about a new thought process in what a first person game could be.

Before some of the games from Looking Glass hit the streets you have almost no choice in a game other than what weapon to use when killing the bad guys. With System Sock 2 and Thief you were suddenly able to move through the game in different ways based on your choices and skills. Sadly Looking Glass Studios closed down in May of 2000, but some of the spirit behind it moved on to other companies. The talent pool from Looking Glass ended up working on projects like Dues Ex, Half-Life 2, Fallout 3, and Bioshock.

The last title ended up being the spiritual follow on to the System Shock games from Irrational Games. Bioshock borrowed heavily from the style and choices available to you in those earlier games. It brought a very different feel to the game where your choices altered the game and you began to interact with the game world very differently thanks to your skills and biological upgrades. This trend followed on in both Bioshock 2 and Bioshock Infinite. Sadly Irrational Games has also closed their doors leaving many to wonder about the fate of Bioshock.

According to some recent tweets, we might not have seen the last of Bioshock. There were two tweets that have popped up recently both with an image from the original Bioshock. The image is a wall ad for a place called Eve’s Garden. The first tweet simply read “#Discuss” while the second said simply “Oooo, what COULD this mean?!”

Now there are multiple possibilities, but considering the fact that many developers from Irrational are still in the talent pool at 2k Games (in other areas). 2k Games has also acknowledged the popularity of the franchise, so they would be foolish not to try and build on it in some fashion. Perhaps we will find out more when GamesCon hits next month. It would be a good time to drop a new flavor of Bioshock on the market if that is what we are really looking at.

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