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Asus ROG Rampage IV Gene Performance Review Featured

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BIOS is an acronym that stands for Basic Input/Output System. It is meant to control your product at a very low level.  As of right now there are three regularly used BIOS formats (there are actually more than that but there are three common ones). These are the AMI (American Megatrends Incorporated), Award, and Phoenix.  Asus has been one of the companies that has really put some time and thought into their UEFI interface. They went out of their way to not only make it look good, but also to make sure it is completely functional. We took some time to show you how it is implemented on the Rampage IV Gene. You can check out our video below.

Overclocking –
Being part of the Republic of Gamers lineup the Rampage IV Gene has some great overclocking tools and support for your tweaking needs. We played with both the Auto Tune settings and also with our own manual attempts. We ended up with a hybrid of options to get our stable overclock of 4.645GHz which, while not the highest we have ever gotten our Core i7 3960 to, is higher than average.

Of course overclocking is a picky subject. I can buy two identical CPUs from the store and they will not always perform the same way under stress. This is the same with motherboards, RAM and GPUs.  So again it is important to keep in mind that our results represent a specific hardware configuration. Yours may be similar but will rarely be identical.

Overclocking Tools -

The tools for overclocking on the Rampage IV Gene are the same ones that we have shown you before with a few small differences. Some of the items that are available in the Maximus Line (Z77) are not yet available in the Rampage line like the auto FanXpert software. However the tools are still very complete as you will see from the video below.


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