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Asustek sales above planned

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On an investors conference that Asustek hosted yesterday, company president, Jerry Shen announced that company sales have been beyond planned in Q2 of 2012. They achieved a new record in operating profits and profits before tax. They plan to ship out 22 million notebooks in 2012, and believe that the release of Windows 8 in the fourth quarter will be very important for their market results. According to Asustek there is a new wave of competition arriving at the end of the year that will reshuffle the rankings of tablet and notebook PC players. They announced consolidated revenues of $3.15 billion for second quarter, which is a 4% increase.

Notebooks represented 61% of total revenues, the motherboards and graphic card business contributed 14%, tablets 8%, Eee PC's 7% and other businesses was listed at 10%. As far as regions are concerned, 41% came from APAC markets and 39% from Europe. They shipped 100,000 less motherboards than the first quarter (5.4 million), while notebooks shipments were 4.4 million units (7% increase), Eee PC shipments were 1.1 million units (22% increase), and 800,000 tablets (33% increase). For third quarter they expect improvements in all of segments, but mostly in their motherboard business (5.8 million) and notebook (4.8 million).
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Shen showed his concern about possible Microsoft's Surface price being only $199, stating that it would cause difficulties for Asustek's Windows-based tablets, but also it could be double-edged sword for Surface as it may end up fighting for survival. The Company's market share in the US is rising quickly due to launch of Nexus 7, and they expect them to grow around 11% in 2013. Asustek is working hard in upcoming markets (Brazil, India, China), and they are looking to increase their influence there. They will be releasing low cost 11.6 -inch notebooks with Intel Celeron, Pentium or entry-level AMD processors to separate notebooks from tablets. In the future they will stop producing Eee PC products with Atom N2600 processors, and Transformer tablet Pcs will come in to replace them.

[Ed – As we have said before Asustek is a monster in terms of product manufacturing. They have enough potential to become their own manufacturing and distribution point. This is something that we have seen the signs of although Asustek has yet to make this push officially. Still we expect to see Asustek to grow around the globe through 2012 and 2013]

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