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Wednesday, 24 October 2012 20:43

AT&T's Growth Down by 50% this Quarter

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ATT Fail

The company AT&T's growth in the realm of new cell phone service subscribers is 57% lower than expected for this quarter. Who's to blame? Well, other than AT&T of course, Verizon and the iPhone, apparently. AT&T relies heavily on the iPhone for its user base, and the new iPhone 5 has been in such high demand, but has also a low supply.

While it is true that convincing consumers to join your platform when you don't have the hardware to sell them is difficult at best, AT&T has other problems. Take Verizon for instance. In the same amount of time it took AT&T to add ~150,000 new subscribers, Verizon added 10 times that amount, or about 1.5 Million. What this means for other carriers has yet to be seen, but the message is clear for AT&T.

Since AT&T's loss of exclusive ability to sell the iPhone in the US Market, people in search of the device have been able to obtain better service in many ways thanks to Verizon, and to a much lesser extent, Sprint. AT&T is now being forced to work on issues that have plagued it, such as low consumer satisfaction scores. As ConsumerReports.Org puts it: “This [AT&T] carrier scored lowest in satisfaction in almost all cities in our survey and was the worst-rated in almost all other respects.” Don't believe me? Go ask anyone who has had to call AT&T customer service.

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