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Monday, 08 April 2013 05:58

Audi collaborates with T-mobile

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Audi connect

Audi provides an interesting Wi-Fi hotspot service to the buyers of their vehicles, made in collaboration with T-Mobile. Audi Connect Wi-Fi hotspot allows passengers to connect to the Internet while driving and give them access to news, weather, Google Earth and Google Voice Local Search through integrated applications within Audi LCD screens in vehicles.

Connection to such local Wi-Fi network can be simultaneously achieved by up to eight devices (tablets, smartphones), and the system connects to the Internet via T-Mobile's 3G cellular network. Buyers of new cars for the service are expected to contribute with $15 per month, or $450 for a one-time subscription for 30 months with the first six months of free usage.
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For others there is the option of monthly fees of $30 for Internet access, while data traffic is unlimited, but with the limitations that are applied for users of smartphones - the T-Mobile reserves the right to limit the services for those that create extremely high traffic. The service is currently only available in the U.S., but Audi is planning to implement it in other markets too, and they set the target at one million cars with internet access around the world by 2015.

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