Friday12 August 2022

Sean Kalinich

Sean Kalinich

Tracking users and devices as they browse the web is a common thing these days and has been for many years. The technology has evolved from the original tracking cookie to some of the more advanced methods in use now, but the concept is the same. How can someone identify an object on the internet and follow it. Regardless of whether the information is used for “legitimate” or nefarious purposes, the technology remains and continues to move forward.

Samba has released several updates that patch critical flaws in their popular Sever Message Block (SMB) freeware implementation. SMB is a protocol that allows for simple sharing of network resources and has had its share of critical vulnerabilities in the past. The sharing of network resources is a common target for attackers as it can be a quick an easy way to compromise a system. One of the vulnerabilities includes all versions of Samba before 4.13.17 (CVE-2021-44142).

The war between Microsoft’s Xbox and Sony’s PlayStation has been going on for a while. As the two companies fight it out the consumer, for the most part, has been the winner. Each new generation of console has brought with it new technologies, better performance and really upped the game regardless of which camp you are in. It is true that prices have also gone through the roof, but that has not stopped eager fans from buying out inventory as soon as it hits the shelves.

Monday, 31 January 2022 15:50

All-In Security Consulting

In building a new business, or operating an existing one, there you spend a lot of time figuring out what you are going to sell, why you are going to sell it and or course how you are going to get your goods/services to market (not to mention actually selling it). However, one thing that tends to not be a part of the business planning process is security. As a small or even medium sized business owner this important item can be overlooked during the planning and even the first years.

WhatsApp is one of a group of relatively secure messaging services available to both iPhone and Android users. WhatsApp states that it supports full end-to-end encryption, secure deletion of messages (by the sender and receiver) as well as the option to setup disappearing messages. It can also be set to block screen shots of chats which is nice when you want to keep your conversation private.

Scammers and threat groups are nothing if not creative. They have time and quite a bit of talent on their hands to figure out ways around security features and gateways to get what they want. Take the recent discovery of Dark Hearing; this lovely mobile malware/scam gem was discovered by Zimnperium and was inserted into several seemingly benign apps. These apps were pushed to Google Play where they were downloaded by hundreds of millions of people.

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DecryptedTech provides a variety of consulting services geared towards any sized business. As DecryptedTech is a context aware service we can quickly adapt to your needs and scale well across multiple verticals. We work to make operationalizing your IT infrastructure and security easy to manage and maintain.

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Why Us?

DecryptedTech offers something different: context-aware service. We work to understand not only what you are looking for and need, but also how these items impact your business. It is no longer enough to just buy or install a service or product. The product must work well within your environment and culture.

Mobile device security is not where is should be. There is just no way around this fact. The vas majority of people simple download and install an app on their phone or tablet thinking that they are not going to get something nasty. They never review the permissions that new app is asking for or what those permissions might allow it to do. Now it seems that clever threat actors have slipped a malware into a Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) App.

We have all opened our emails and seen the message “you have annual security awareness training assigned”. This message is one that usually elicits eye-rolls and groans of frustration. Who wouldn’t be annoyed? After all, these trainings are simplistic, boring and they take time out of your day to get done. They also tend to have little to no effect on user security practices. Running phishing and social engineering tests in an environment will almost certainly yield the same groups of people.

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