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Bethesda shows off DOOM, Fallout 4 and Dishonored 2 at E3

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During pre-show events at E3 Bethesda decided to release information about a few games including Dishonored 2, Fallout 4 and DOOM. All three of these games have been staples in the gaming community for a number of years and all three (if done right) can expect to continue their respective names well into the future.

Of special interest was some of the DOOM footage that was shown at the Bethesda event. It was labeled as in game footage, but we are simply not buying that from anyone anymore. The game looked beautiful in the two videos that were shown. If this footage is real it will be a amazing game when it hits. The problem is that we do not know what it was run on, or if this is what Bethesda will actually release. Still both of the short videos were what you expect from DOOM; plenty of gore, violence and the powers of Hell trying to kill you. The graphics look impressive when I think back to playing DOOM for the first time (it was on two 1.44MB floppies). We just hope that what the demos show is what we will get.

[Footage from Polygon ]


Like we said, the demo looks amazing and we hope that this is the real thing and not a doctored up demo to generate hype.

Bethesda also talked about Fallout 4. This new installment in the Fallout series will hit the streets November 10th this year. This version of Fallout will expand your ability to interact with your environment as well as add the ability to customize your character. The events take place 200 years after the attack in Boston. Players will be able to play in first or third person mode and will even have arcade games available on their Pipboy. According to Bethesda there will also be a collector’s edition of the game that will include a “Pipboy” (which also acts as a wrist case for some phones). This will come in handy as Bethesda has created a version of the Pipboy for smartphones. Of course there is game play footage, but we do not know if this is representative of the final game.

[Footage from gamespot]


Last, but not least in our opinion, is Dishonored 2. The original was a great game and is up there in our heart with games like System Shock and the Original Half Life for its impact on the gaming world. This title will not hit the streets until sometime in 2016 and will be set 15 years after the events in the original game. You will be able to play either Empress Emily Kaldwin or Corvo Atano. The game could have a very similar flavor to the first as Kaldwin is dethroned at the start and is looking to get her throne back. What is interesting is that the new game can be played and beaten without any deaths. This is unusual in a game market where violence and mayhem are the keys to many successful titles.

Of course you should treat most of this like you would a rumor, even the videos until these games hit the streets. We do hope that all of the game play trailers are accurate and we see some amazing games in the near future. Until that time we will keep an eye on these titles and try to cover some of the other show events from the comfort of our labs.

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