Wednesday07 December 2022

Bigger storage with ultrasonic waves

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Scientists at the University of Oregon State University have found a way to use high-frequency sound to increase the density of magnetic storage. The technology, called Acoustic Assisted Magnetic Recording (AAMR), allows stretching of magnetic media, to allow storage of large amounts of data.

Ultrasound waves are focused on a small portion of magnetic material that temporarily doubles, allowing it to enlarge the area, and once the ultrasonic waves stop the medium returns to original shape. Scientists have already tried to exploit the dissemination of materials through the warm-up earlier, but such methods have proven to be unreliable. Therefore, one of the main advantages of this technology is reliability and limitations in the manipulation of specific area only.
Although this technology will improve all forms of magnetic storage, they specifically emphasize its use to create memory based hard drives with no moving parts (SSD). AAMR can be used to allow you to bridge the advantages of electronic and magnetic recording in SSD hard disks, and create a storage system that can store more data in less space.

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