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BleepingComputer hit with SLAPP suit from Enigma Software over comparrion thread.

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The term SLAPP is one that most people might not be aware of. To put it bluntly SLAPP (Strategic Lawsuits Against Public Participation) lawsuits are ones that attempt to censor information or public discourse on a particular topic. The most common ones are from corporate entities that are trying to stop negative information about their products or other areas from getting out. The negative information is not slanderous or libelous in nature and in most cases can be backed up with documentation. Still the corporate minds try the threat of litigation to remove the information.

A current example of this is happening with BleepingComputer. BleepingComptuer, if you did not know is a very popular forum that assists people in the identification and removal of many, many (many) types of malware. It has become the go-to spot if you are at all interested in this topic. In a recent forum threat they reported on three popular anti-malware applications. They included spyhunter, Malwarebytes and iobit. The thread contained multiple links to sources and was not intended to be inflammatory for any of the products. Sadly, Enigma Software does not like the negative information about their product being online in such a popular forum.


The opted to go the legal route and are suing BleepingComputer to have this removed and potentially for damages. Now this type of suit fits the definition of SLAPP to a T. There is nothing in the post, or thread that is inflammatory, libelous or not documented from multiple sources. Enigma software simple wants to remove the information from a well-known and widely visited website so that they can continue to sell their product that clearly has deficiencies.

Bleepingcomputer is asking for help in coming up with the money to defend themselves against this threat. If you are inclined to donate money to their cause they have a page for it. You can also help them by getting the word out about Enigma’s move here. Share the link to the thread (included below) and also the page requesting for help. It would be a shame to see a resource like BleepingComputer get bullied by a company like Enigma. Helping them also sends a message to potential abusers that the community will protect their own from this type of abuse.


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