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Blizzard Cancels Titian MMO

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Blizzard has decided to drop work on their next-generation MMO game Titian. According to some reports the reason behind the cancellation was that they “didn’t find the fun”. Exactly what that means we are not 100% sure, but according to Blizzard this move will allow them to create something even better.

This is not the first time that Blizzard has canceled a product in production. They did the same thing with both Warcraft Adventures and StarCraft Ghost. We really do not have good reasons for the cancelations, but in all honesty dropping a game that might now be viable is actually a good thing. Far too many times we have seen games that just do not work, but are shoved out on the consumer. These games are buggy and require patch after patch to get working correctly while the actual experience in the game suffers.

For Blizzard to have dropped a game means that either they are realistic when evaluating where a game is in terms of the market vs development or they really had a turd on their hands. We are hoping that it is the former. Of course the marketing spin is going to turn this around and say, we dropped this because it did not meet our requirements so we are building something better. In reality it could have been a dud from the beginning.

I guess we will know by looking at what Blizzard dumps on us next.

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