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Camera for Raspberry Pi is coming soon

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Along with the cheaper Raspberry Pi Model A, the foundation is working on the release of some hardware accessories this year. On their official blog they published photos of the final editions of the module with the camera, which should become a part of distribution in the next month or so.

The Raspberry Pi Foundation did not unveil the specifications of this module, adding that there is still some work to fine-tune the picture quality (although, in their words; "It’s currently quite good"), and additional work on the development of drivers for the camera module. Other sources suggest that the early prototypes of the modules had a 14 megapixel sensor, but the final version will most likely find a sensor resolution of five megapixels. The camera does not have the ability to change lenses or to add physical filters or zoom, but should be able to record video in HD.
Adding this module to the Raspberry Pi line they will provide customers additional freedom in their own projects, particularly those related to robotics, different RC aircraft or home automation. The module price will be 25 dollars, which is the same as the recently announced Raspberry Pi Model A.

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