Thursday01 December 2022

Cheaper iMac inspired by cheaper iPhone

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According to the data that KGI Securities acquired, the latest model of iMac which was introduced in 2012 was sold in far less copies than it was expected at Apple. Analysts believe that the reason for this is primarily high price which makes iMac non-competitive in smaller markets and in emerging one such as China.


Similar to the iPhone, it is now assumed that the Apple could opt for a "cheaper" version of the iMac, which could strongly penetrate these markets. Last month, iMac experienced an unexpected upgrade to Haswell processors, and the starting price of $1,299 is certainly not something that will make this product attractive in mentioned markets.

For this reason, apparently Apple is already considering the introduction of cheaper variants next year which will, of course, have weaker specs than the current models, possibly even be made from cheaper materials.

[Ed - we have a feeling that this will be just as bad of a move as the "cheaper" iPhones. It is not that people do not want a less expensive Apple product, but that Apple has no concept of what it means to offer an entry level or value product. Thier products already have a very high markup for what youa are getting which means they have to skimp on hardware even more to bring the price down at all. Consumers are too smart for that these days. If Apple were smart they would not make a cheaper version, but simply reduce the price on existing hardware in an effort to bring more people into the fold.]

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