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Cheaper Nintendo consoles on the way

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Nintendo has introduced a cheaper version of their 3DS handheld gaming console that does not have support for 3D display , which is why it lost the "3" in the name, and is not the clamshell model.

The new handheld console called 2DS should be sold at a price (in the U.S.) of $129.99 , as opposed to $169 , which is the amount yoid should pay for the 3DS . It will allow owners to play games for the Nintendo DS and 3DS , but of course , without the 3D display . Nintendo 2DS should start selling on 12th October.
Nintendo also announced a lower price for their best selling package of the Wii U, which price in the U.S. will fall by $50 , to $ 299.99, which is the current price of the basic package . From 20th September Nintendo should also strt selling a new deluxe Wii U package, which will include 32GB of memory and comes with HD reproduction of the game The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker. For now there is no information on new basic package with memory capacity of 8 GB.

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