Wednesday07 December 2022

Club Nintendo hacked

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Nintendo has announced that their Club Nintendo service where players can collect points for the hardware and the games they buy, and then to win a variety of prizes and gifts, got hacked or that unknown hackers broke into the database of members, and retrieve their data.

According to their claims (so far) only Club members from Japan are affected, but it is recommended that all users change their passwords as soon as they go to their profile. Nintendo says that between the 9th June and 4th July, the service recorded 23,000 unauthorized logins. Given that Nintendo does not store credit card data, this case can not lead to theft of money, but hackers are able to download the names, addresses, e-mail information and phone numbers of users.

These days Ubisoft's Uplay service has also become a victim of hacker attacks, which also led to demands for change of user passwords.Hopefully things like this won't become a custom for Nintendo users.

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