Tuesday04 October 2022

Cooler Master HAF Stacker Review.. A Modder's Opinion Featured

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The computer case has come a long way since its beige-box inception.  Anyone who’s been lucky enough to be around since that time has had the joy of watching it evolve from that mid-sized invisible-by-design box to the incredible array of enclosures we have today.  Granted, the hardware is a lot more varied today, but that doesn’t begin to account for the options we have before us as builders. 

Along the way we’ve seen a lot of companies entice us with their solutions to our problems.  Since 1992, Cooler Master has been keeping pace, providing us with all sorts of hardware for our favorite machines.  From tiny mini-ITX cases like the Elite 120 to huge Cosmos II super tower, they’ve made a lot of tinkerers and enthusiasts happy by keeping up with and often leading the evolution of the industry.

Unfortunately, like all things there comes a time when evolution has reached its end.  The computer case is a good example.  How far can anyone go with what really amounts to a plastic box with standardized parts?  We’ve seen a lot of improvements over the years in ventilation, space and cable management, lighting, controls and fit and finish; so what would it take to truly stand out today?

Cooler Master claims they’ve managed that very thing with their latest offering: the HAF Stacker 935.  I managed to get my hands on one of these to see if it really does   stand out.

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