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Declassification of files regarding Area 51

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These days, the world's largest spy agency CIA publicly released the 400-page document on the mystical area located in the Nevada desert about 50 miles from Las Vegas, known as the Area 51. All hunters of flying saucers, aliens and Tesla electromagnetic weapons that can destroy the whole continent will likely be disappointed by the realization that base Area 51 was not a place where the alien autopsy took place, nor there were any alien spaceships, and no super weapons that can destroy the whole world in one click.

In fact, if we believe this document, the secret base Area 51 has served as a proving ground for testing spy planes like the U-2 that could cross vast distances at high altitudes, and stay 12 hours in the air, and its purpose was monitoring Russian and other communist territories during the Cold War. CIA's involvement in this project began in the period that dated to before the advent of spy satellites, with the aim of collecting data on the Soviet nuclear program during the 50s and 60s of the last century. Although since those days several decades have passed, the U.S. administration was required by law to maintain the confidentiality of this information until today, and the CIA by their own admission corresponded to the public about aliens at the Area 51, because the truth was less cool from stories that were circulating about the base, so testing of spy planes and other spy equipment, which at that time was far ahead of its time, could be performed without difficulty, given that everybody was looking for something else there.

Of course, even this declassification of secret documents will not have much success of deterring fans of "ufology" and conspiracy theories that the Area 51 is what we have seen in a number of science fiction movies and TV shows, and they will continue to camp out of the base with their huge telephoto lens, in the hope that one day they will record some for of an alien life.

[Ed - Oddly enough there is not really much in the newly declassified documents that is new. Most of the information was already public knowledge, this is one of those things that we will probably never know the story about so it will still remain one of the big mysteries and a source of fascination and speculation.]

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