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Dell, Qualcomm and Intel looking into Sharp

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Sharp, who is in deep financial problems, could soon get a significant financial injection from the several companies, particularly Dell, Intel and Qualcomm. The three companies are holding talks with Sharp in about investing large amounts of cash into the company. Sharp has reportedly asked Dell and Intel for $240 million in exchange for shares in the company or as a debt. Qualcomm investments should probably be somewhat smaller.

Sharp has announced that in the six month period that ended on September 30 they achieved 16% less revenue than in the same period a year earlier, or about 1.1 billion yen (13.7 billion dollars). At the same time last year the loss of 39.8 billion yen rose to enormous 387.6 billion yen.

Though the big financial problems, Sharp has some of the best technologies for the production of screens currently available on the market, including low-temperature polysilicon (LTPS) and IGZO. Through investment in Sharp, the mentioned companies hope to have easier access to these technologies.

[Ed – There are two other companies that are also looking to invest in Sharp this is Apple and Foxconn. Of these two Foxconn has made open statements about their interest and Apple, as always, likes to keep things private. We still expect to hear something about Apple’s investment in Sharp especially with Apple looking for a new supplier for screens and also better screen technology. Unless something happens soon, Sharp could be in trouble and might not be able to meet the manufacturing commitments they already have, let alone new ones.]

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