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Diablo III Players Are Finiding Themselves Locked in Act I After Installing Update 1.0.3

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deleted_topicBlizzard is facing new criticism over Diablo III (yes again). It seems that they payment verification methods (when you buy a digital copy of the game) are taking as long as 72 hours. During this time a prospective player is locked down to a “starter edition” of the game which only gives them access to Act I and really cannot do much more. Although Blizzard says this is a glitch they are still standing by the statement that it is meant to protect against fraud.

Now I am not sure what method of payment verification they are using, but something sounds very out of place here. We took a look at the forums at (always good for a laugh) and found that many of the topics about this had been deleted. There is still one open and from the many complaints it seems that the limitation of users to the “starter edition” does appear to be more than just a waiting period. Others are saying that the issue started after installing the latest patch for the game (1.0.3).

So we now have compromised accounts, server overloads and now people that buy the digital copy of the game suddenly finding their game play seriously limited. Now, I find the need to “verify” payments very unusual. I can buy something online from almost any retail outlet and have payment verified in minutes. Why is Blizzard taking up to 72 hours to process payments? This sounds like more than a security feature to be honest.
There are many other ways to verify payments that do not take three days, but then again this cannot be that big of a deal as many, many people are still buying the game despite the requirement to be online all the time, the fear of having your account hacked/compromised and everything else that comes with Diablo III.

Maybe this is why Blizzard is not truly doing anything to fix these issues, they do not see any reason since people are still shelling out their money for the game.


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