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Diamond shows off networking, multimedia and more at CES 2105

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CES 2015 Las Vegas, NV Diamond Suite at the Mirage
When we stopped by Diamond at the Mirage we expected to see some pretty cool stuff including one or two new graphics cards. However, there were no graphics cards to be seen in the suite at all. We were told that this was because AMD had nothing new to show and Diamond did not see any reason to show products that were already well known. That did not mean that things were boring, instead we saw some pretty cool devices that, while not the most exciting, really did make a lot of sense.

Just inside the door was a table with three new networking products on it. There was an AC1200 router, an AC1200 range extender and an AC1200 USB adapter. These three products are part of Diamond’s entry into the AC world of networking. According to Rita all of the products address a gap in the current market. The router is intended as a low cost option to people looking to upgrade their current n wireless devices. The range extender is a quick and easy to use product that plugs directly into the wall and can also operate as a travel router. The shape of it is a little unusual, but it is nothing that would put you off the product. Lastly was the small USB adapter that Rita tells us is meant as an easy upgrade option. It includes a large antenna to give you good range.

Diamond-1 Diamond-2 Diamond-3

On the next table were a series of accessories that caught our eye including a wireless screen sharing device, a video capture product with the option for voice over and a USB 3.0 hub/Ethernet adapter.
The screen sharing product (WPCTV3000) does just what it says, you can share the screen on your tablet, PC, phone etc wirelessly without the need to hunt down a cable. It also has the option to allow multiple people to share the same screen which is pretty cool.
The capture device (GC2000) is pretty standard except for its one-button use feature and the option to voice over the screen capture from the same device.

Diamond-6 Diamond-7 Diamond-8

The USB 3.0 hub/Ethernet adapter was a cool option for ultrabook owners as it gives you two extra USB 3.0 ports (you lose one when you plug it in) in addition to a gigabit Ethernet option. In far too many laptops you are not getting an option for an Ethernet adapter so this will come in handy as will the extra USB ports.

The last two items that we were shown were also peripherals. One was a USB 3.0 4k adapter that would allow you to push a 4k monitor from a tablet or ultrabook. The demo was using a Surface Pro 3. This surface was also plugged into a USB 3.0 docking station. The dock was cool in its own rights simply because it certainly fills a gap in the market with all of the smaller and much more self-contained products out there.

Diamond-11 Diamond-12 Diamond-13

While we were a little disappointed that Diamond was not showing off new graphics cards this year, we still think their lineup is fairly solid and all of the products we saw certainly have a place in the market.
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