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Dishonored Quick and Simple Review Featured

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The Empress is dead, her daughter has been taken and a deadly and mysterious plague is slowly consuming the city. As the Empress’ protector it was your job to keep her and her daughter safe, but you stand accused of her murder. It is up to you to find the Empresse’ daughter and bring her killers to justice. The only problem is that you must become an assassin and use dark powers to accomplish your goal. If this sounds like a bad movie or book then you are not far off the mark, but while this type plot might be the makings of a flop in the box office it is great for a video game and that is what you get from Bethesda in this new and dark game from them. The question is; can Bethesda make this new game based on the Unreal Engine work or is it fated to end up like its title?

Package -
Like many games there are multiple ways of getting your hands on this new game. It is available on Steam, in the more traditional PC format (installer disk) and also for Playstation 3 and Xbox 360. Inside the package you get what you would expect, a small booklet and the game DVD; not much really which is why most people will be grabbing this from Steam.

Installation -
The installer is quick and easy. Including download time the game was installed in about 30 minutes. The download is roughly 7GB but after installation it will occupy about 9GB of space on your HDD and that is not including saved games so you might want to plan on about 12GB of space to make sure you have plenty of room for this. Once the game is installed you can launch it and get things configured to your taste. Although based on the Unreal 3 Engine you do not have to have a massive system to run it well. As long as you have a 3GB of RAM and at least a GTX460 or Radeon 5850 (with 512MB RAM) you will be ok.  For CPU speed you need a dual core running at 3.0GHz. If you want to run with all the eye candy on and still have a playable game there is not much more you need. A 2.5GHz quad core CPU, a GTX460 or 5850 (with 768MB RAM) and 4GB of memory.

Configuration -
Configuring the game is done in the normal way. You open the game and setup the options that you want. There are some auto options like automatically drinking a potion to restore your mana (the source of your “magical” power) when you are too low to use one of your powers. There are also toggles for the hints that popup during the game to help you on your way.

Dishonored04 Dishonored05 Dishonored06

For graphics the options are fairly straight forward with nothing that is out of the ordinary.  The same can be said for the audio options there really is not much that you can do to these two controls so we were not surprised that they were typical.

Dishonored07 Dishonored08 Dishonored09

However you are not buying Dishonored for the flexibility of their controls. Our guess is that you are picking up this game to play. So you will probably spend a few minutes in the options to max things out as best you can and then you will dive right into the game. So that is what we are going to do as well.

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