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Doom 4 Teaser Sounds Just Like Terminator 2...

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Unless you have been under a rock you have probably heard all about the Doom 4 teaser that was shown off at E3 2014. We saw it a couple of days ago, but at the time really did not think it was all that news worthy (ducks as people throw things). However, this morning as I watched it again I noted a couple of things that must have slipped by me during my first viewing.

I am pretty sure why I noticed these “new” points to the video, but it is interesting that they did not make an impression on me earlier (I know, get to the point). So the first tiny little item is the voice over, the person talking ether IS or sounds just like Linda Hamilton from the Terminator movie franchise. Even the pace of her conversation follows the flow of her description of Judgment Day in Terminator 2.

Why is this important? Well in Terminator she is either fighting, or being protected by a cyborg (Cybernetic Organism). In Doom 4 we are being introduced to a cyborg… well ok a cyberdemon. Most games will know of and have watched the Terminator series at least once. We are guessing the use of Sarah Connor as the intro voice was meant to stir those emotions.

Next up is the music, as the new monster begins to awaken the music used is very close to the music used in Terminator 2 (again) as the bad guy begins to reform. Once again we can only assume this was meant to put us in the same mind set as watching the second Terminator movie.

After hearing these things I was a little disappointed to be honest with you. I felt that Bethesda was trying to reuse an old formula for a game that really does not need the cheesy tricks. Although the Terminator series was a good one, it is not associated (nor should it be) with the game Doom. The two are separate and very distinct.

Check out the teaser courtesy of constipated owl’s channel below:

Oh well, enough of my prattling about the subliminal aspects of the new teaser for Doom 4. It should still be a good game unless Bethesda tries to shoe horn some of the Oblivion style game play into it.
Look for a real reveal of the game at Quakecon 2014. DecryptedTech will be there covering the show and will even have a mod built by Shane McAnally entered in the modding contest.

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