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Monday, 01 April 2013 20:17

DOS on Raspberry Pi

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Developer Patrick Aalto created rpix86, PC emulator for the Raspberry Pi. The emulator is based on DSx86 PC emulator for the Nintendo DS and is also part of Aalto, but it is primarily intended for playing old DOS games on the Raspberry Pi.

According to the author, he emulated Intel 80486 processor clocking around 20 MHz (with 386 comparable performance at 40 MHz) with support for protected mode (DOS4GW), 640 KB core and 4MB  EMS and 16MB of XMS memory. It supports SVGA graphics maximum resolution of 640x480 pixels with 256 colors, 2.0 SoundBlaster sound card, keyboard, mouse with two buttons, a joystick and a MIDI interface Roland MPU-401.

This emulator does not support virtual memory, which prevents the launch of Windows newer than version 3.0, but Aalto noted that it would significantly slow the performance of the emulator, which is already slow. The plan is also to create ax86 emulator for Android, which should be optimized for AMRv7 processors. Rpix86 application is freeware and is available for download on this site, and it will certainly draw attention of emulator nostalgic gamers and those who are building a basic platform to play arcade and adventure games of the last century.

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