Thursday01 December 2022

Drafthouse Cinemas Bans Google Glass, Will Others Follow?

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When we first saw Google Glass as a concept one question jumped to my mind: when will the bans start? The idea that you can wear a piece of technology that is capable of on demand recording of your point of view had to strike a nerve in someone. So far we have watched as Casinos, Bars… Adult entertainment clubs and even art galleries have outright prohibited the wearing of glass inside them. Now the one that we thought would be most vocal has finally spoken up as we see our first cinema chain refuse them.

According to a recent statement Drafthouse Cinemas has decided to prohibit the wearing of Google Glass over piracy concerns. Now currently this fear is a little overblown as Glass cannot possibly record enough video internally to capture an entire movie, but it can send (with the right connection) short clips to Google drive, if you go see the movie enough times you can end up with a really bad cam copy of a given film.

Drafthouse CEO Tim League said that when Google first showed them off he saw the potential danger, but waited to make a final decision until he saw them more commonly. This move seems to be a preemptive strike on the new wearable devices as they are still very immature right now. However, as they become more popular Google is bound to put more time into improving them including adding addition storage and improving video quality. AMC Theatres has already made comments about Glass, but has not yet banned them. We would not be surprised to see them follow Drafthouse and block their use in the near future.  

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