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Dying Light Pushes out New DLC with Hardcore Missions

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I have to admit that I am a big fan of the whole Zombie genre. There is something about a game where the “bad’ guy is predominantly the undead out for your brains. Added into most of these games is an element of hardship. You do not have all of the trappings of modern technology, food, medicine, ammo and weapons are all scarce. Well… at least that is the way it is supposed to be. In a lot of current games you still have access to some pretty heavy firepower even if ammo is thin on the ground.

This is one of the things that makes the game Dying Light so interesting. Although you do have access to firearms there is an inherent risk in using them or other more devastating weapons. The noise from explosives, firearms or indeed anything that is too loud will bring more zombies to your side in a hurry. We are not just talking about the shambling dead, but a form of undead called virals. Virals are humans that are recently turned to zombies, because of this they are much faster and can chase you even up onto roof tops. Like we said it is a fairly intense game and we hope to have a review of it up shortly.

With all of that said when we heard that Techland was releasing three new DLC packs that are extreme content. This begs the question; how do you make a fairly extreme game even more extreme? Well Techland is giving it a go. The first of the three expansion packs has hit the streets today and is called Cuisine and Cargo. It adds a couple of new hardcore missions involving sealed off building from early in the outbreak just for those looking for some extra thrills.

From there you can grab some new clothes and gear in the Ultimate Survivor pack. Finally you can face a seemingly never ending horde of the undead in the Bozak Horde. This one sounds interesting, but we wonder how old it will get if it really is just fighting wave after wave of zombies.

All three will be around $5 each (or free with the Dying Light annual Pass for $20). The Ultimate Survivor Pack and Bozak Horde are due out in March and May respectively. For those of you that do not like to keep paying for your games Techland also says they will have some free updates an enhancements to the game coming as well.

Happy running.

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