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Elon Musk Develops 3D Gesture Control... Tony Stark is Smiling...

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There are a lot of people comparing a great innovator and visionary Elon Musk with famous hero from comics and movies Tony Stark (Iron Man). After introducing the revolutionary supersonic Hyperloop train that could one day completely change the system of transport, Musk on his Twitter profile revealed that he and his team from SpaceX "figured out how to design rocket parts just whand movement through the air."

In other words, a system of depth 3D cameras and augmented reality (AR), add the application that makes 3D design appear "in the air", which reminds us the most about the scene from Iron Man when Tony Stark designs parts of his armored suit. Jon Favreuau, the producer of Iron Man asked Musk on twitter does this system works as in the movie, to which he replied positively.

On the questions posted by fans in which they ask does this mean that they plan to make the Iron Man suit, Musk said that they have no such intention. In hispost Musk also said that they are now only missing "high frame rate holographic generator", in order to implement a system called "hologram manipulated hands." Since this is Elon Musk we are talking about, there is no doubt that he will find a solution for it.

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