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End of satellite dishes in a form we use them today?

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Startup company Kyameta that comes as a spinoff from company Intellectual Ventures these days announced that it has raised investment in the amount of $50 million, and the largest investors are legendary founder of Microsoft, Bill Gates, the company Liberty Global and Lux Capital. The company, which develops mobile satellite broadband receiver under the brand mTenna in its board of directors will include Bill Gates, and despite the fact that the market has not yet put forward a single product, it has attracted great attention from the satellite communications industry.

Their main innovations in satellite technology comes from the use of so-called metamaterials, or artificial materials that do not exist in nature and therefore bring an entirely new advanced features that enables the use of them in various fields. By using these metamaterials they will create stronger satellite signals which is much more energy efficient and cost-effective and their use allows the antenna beam to steer without using moving parts, resulting in a flat, thin, lightweight and highly customizable antennas and communication terminals.

In Kymeta believe that their technology will bring cheap, accurate and efficient satellite communications systems in smart connected cars, air cargo transport, as well as communication systems for the poor countires in development. For example, a satellite dish that will be mounted on rooftops that they will produce looks like a flat plate, which means that the classic satellite dishes may go down in history.

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