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Energy efficient TLED pipes

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Dutch electronics giant Phillips has been quite popular in a last couple of years for their innovative LED lighting. The latest product from their advanced laboratories is a new generation of LED lighting, which is designed to replace fluorescent lighting tubes which are often used to light up the commercials and office space. New TLED pipes can boast efficacy of 200 lumens per watt, while fluorescent lamps offer 100 lumens per watt and incandescent bulb offers only 15 lumens per watt.

With the new prototype of TLED lamps Philips engineers have for the first time reached the level of efficiency of 200 lumens per watt, while at the same time maintained an adequate quality of illumination (light temperature between 3 000 and 4 000 kelvin, color rendering index of 80 and the level of saturated reds R9 not less than 20).

When they arrive in two years on the market, TLED lamps should significantly reduce energy consumption for companies. In the U.S., for example, fluorescent lighting spends about 200 tera power. Replacing fluorescent lights with TLED lights would save the 100 tera power which is equivalent to 50 medium-sized power plants, reducing CO2 emissions by 60 million tons and saving more than 12 billion dollars.

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