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Sprint's EVO 3D from HTC hits our lab Featured

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The Box and Goodies -
Phones these days do not come with much (never have really). The boxes are usually just big enough to drop the phone and a few odds and ends. Sometimes the boxes can be nice looking. I know that I have always liked the iPhone boxes for their style. The EVO 3D came in a box that was plain white and made of what looked like recycled cardboard. On the top of the box the words EVO 3D was embossed and HTC has added a slight shadow to the box to make this more visible.

box-01 box-02 box-03

This part of the box is nothing more than an outer shell though. The important and fun stuff is on the inside in a much more colorful package. Once you slide this out you will find the EVO 3D sitting right on top. HTC and Sprint have wrapped it in a protective cover that is intended to keep the phone safe and clean, but also happens to have an advertisement for Telenav a navigation add-on that also costs money to use. After we pulled out the EVO 3D and dumped out the boxes contents we found a bag with manuals (in multiple languages) a wall adapter and a USB cable that doubles as a charging cable and a data cable (for the HTC sync if you install that).

box-04 box-05


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