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Facebook brings "Nearby Friends" option to invade our privacy a bit more

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Facebook bragged with the new functionality for its mobile iOS and Android apps. A new option is called "Nearby Friends" which notifies the user when the one of his Facebook friends are found nearby, all to facilitate socializing users in real life.


Such a function could impair the privacy of users, so it is off by default, and users can easily incorporate it within the application. Once activated, this option gives the user an insight into the location of selected friend (it can be possible for any group of friends in particular), and from time to time informs the user that he is in the vicinity of one of the friends (who must also have Nearby Friends option turned on).


There is also the possibility of sharing the exact location on the map with some friends, as well as setting up various recommendations for travel to any location where the user logs on to a mobile phone. At the beginning this option will only be available in the United States.

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