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Thursday, 18 October 2012 21:24

Facebook launches their Android SDK and Dev center

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As Facebook looks for a new ways of making money they have introduced the Android Software Development Kit and Developers center. They have prepared Facebook widgets for app developers to implement into their apps. They also provided guides for building in friends so you can annoy your friends with app requests once they are done.  As they stated on their site “This release includes several tools that simplify authentication and authorization, including a Fragment and a Button that manage login state automatically.”

There are also native Facebook UI controls that can be added, including Friend Picker, tagging, profile pictures, places picker, and login controls. Improved session management will now focus on determining if users are already authorized or logged in, beside that JSON data can be manipulated with strongly-typed interfaces to simplify reading and writing, but also to reduce coding errors. This new SDK will bring the ability to measure clicks and installs for mobile app install ads, which is pretty much same thing they have already brought to the iOS SDK.

What does this mean to you if you are just an ordinary Android user? Well for starters expect more and more status updates by apps with implemented Facebook features. Now you will have even more spam and all sort of ads that will suggest you to start using some sort of app that one or more of your friends are using. For Facebook this move means that they will be able to advertise on even more levels, allowing them to lure more and more people via those apps since they will now be advertised not just with the standard app banner but also with the “recommendation” from your friends.

[Ed – The Mobile space is the next big marketing horizon, unfortunately it is also exceptionally open to Malware. As more ads popup people will become comfortable with them and that will open a door to socially programed malware (which is already a big hit). It is pretty sad that while the cost of service increased we are still subjected to ads on our mobile devices to do even simple things like install an app…]

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