Sunday05 February 2023

Fake Apple apps hit Google Play

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It is not hard to find false or malicious applications in Google's application store Play and every once in a while they get even more interesting. This time, they were applications that were made to look like they were from the iLife and iWork suites, whose editor was, neither more nor less than - Apple Inc..

Of course, these were fraudulent.  The applications were reported and were removed from Google Play in a very short period of time. It remains unknown how many users were taken in by the fraud and purchased and installed these applications, but since they came together in a short time and have low ratings, at least a few copies were sold. During this fraud you could find "Apple" apps Garage Band, iPhoto, iMovie, Keynote, Numbers and Pages, with prices set at five or ten dollars; if you get enough people to buy you can get a decent allowance, but probably nothing more.
fake apps
The problem is that Google does not perform a detailed check before publishing applications in the Play Store. Although the problems of this type exist with iOS and iTunes, they are less in number due to Apple's stringent controls. Google recently introduced automated verification of the correctness of applications on the play, but this example shows how human testing is still very much needed.

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